What Am I Doing App

WaidApp (What am I doing App) brings people together who do same things

User friendly screens make the app stand out

Post your activity, easy search, meet with your new friends, fast chat.

Socializing with activities

WHAT AM I DOING? An exciting, curious, entertaining and dynamic social network! The shortest, simplest and most fun way to reach people at the same frequency with you! With the activities and photos you added to what you are doing now, you can announce to the world, you can communicate with people who do the same things as you. If you're wondering what people are doing right now and want to let them know instantly about their interests, hobbies and activities, you're in the right place! With this brand new, dynamic social sharing and entertainment application, you can set up brand new friendships while being aware of what's going on around you. Wouldn't it be interesting to know people who are doing the same thing at the same time? Come on, you can start right away and get new friends to do activities together.

App Features

POST: You can post your activity with photos and location information. You can select an activity from list or you can enter text. It will be seen on your profile. You can select activity date if you chose future activity. Future activities will disappear after the next day you chose. 24 hours activities will disappear after 24 hours.

SEARCH: You can find people by using search filter. In search filter screen, you can select criteria like age, gender,distance, activity, place.

FRIENDS: Your request should be accepted by other side for friendship. You can see the detail how you matched with your friend.

CHAT: You can start messaging with your friends. You can share photos on conversation.

PROFLE: Your photos and personal information are seen on your profile page.